Aylesham Carnival Assocation

Kent's LARGEST Village Carnival




Who are Aylesham Carnival Assocation

Our Committee are all committed to the promotion of the Court of Aylesham and representing the Village all around Kent, along with the promotion of the court of Aylesham we also regularly organise events for residents of Aylesham and surrounding areas.


Our Executive Committee Members:


President                  Shelia Field               

Chairperson              Sally-ann Bryan          

Vice Chairperson      Shane Scott

Secretary                 Carla Richardson-Chown          

Treasurer                Mearl Frost

Our Committee

Aylesham Carnival first ran in 1929. It is ran by Aylesham Carnival Association, which is a  group of local people who volunteer their time to keep the spirit of carnival alive in Aylesham.

ACA are happy to recruit new members to assist us in running our carnival.

This year we have been offered a wealth of help and support from a lot of individuals within the village and from the carnival circuit, we wish to thank you all.


We are looking forward to our forthcoming carnival in September and hope to see you there!