Aylesham Carnival Assocation

Kent's LARGEST Village Carnival




The Court of Aylesham was started many years ago, the first known at this time is 1929 and unfortunately was then stopped for one reason or another.


Several years past and one of our founder committee Members Angela Ritson became involved with carnival and had dealing with this for many years. Carnival in Aylesham was changing year by year and slowly the carnival dwindled away and had a break for a couple of years.


In 2001 it was decided to start the Carnival again with a Christmas Carnival,

In 2002 Rob Williams and Alan Watson, under a newly formed committee of Aylesham Events Committee, organised another excellent carnival.


In 2003 it was decided that the Carnival should become an independent association and this is where we are today as Aylesham Carnival Association.


Sadly on 7th January 2006 Angela Ritson suddenly passed away, Angela was our very own Mrs Carnival and after a break away from carnival Alan Watson and Rob Williams have come back to assist with the committee.


Carnival is hard work, and very enjoyable, help is always needed and should you wish to help us in anyway, be it monetary or physically then please don't hesitate to contact us on the contact page above. Or if you wish to make a donation towards the running of the carnival then please click on DONATE above.


Thank you for your time, and hope you enjoy our website by clicking on the many pages now shown on the website to the left.


 Alan Watson

Chairman ACA

Who are Aylesham Carnival Assocation & the history behind us?

Our Committee are all committed to the promotion of the Court of Aylesham and representing the Village all around Kent, along with the promotion of the court of Aylesham we also regularly organise events for residents of Aylesham and surrounding areas.


Our Executive Committee Members:


President                 Shelia Field         Vice President         Frank Williams       


Chairman                                              Vice Chairperson   


Secretary                                             Treasurer               Mearl Frost



Members:             Dawn Robson, Pippy Donnachie


Parent committee elect -

Kerrylyn James, Wayne Milton

Our Committee